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A single dose of the novel chimeric subunit vaccine E2-CD154 confersearly full protection against classical swine fe

A novel tick antigen shows high vaccine efficacy against the dog tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Cloning and functional characterization of three novel antimicrobial peptides from tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Co-administration of tilapia alpha-helical antimicrobial peptides -Vaccine with subunit antigens boost immunogenicity in mice

Comparison of Montanide™ GEL 01 and oily MontanideTM ISA 50 in presenting a peptide to the

Corrigendum to “Efficacy of E2 glycoprotein fused to porcine CD154 as a novel chimeric subunit vaccine to prevent class

Functional and Mass Spectrometric Evaluation of an Anti-Tick Antigen Based on the P0

Humoral and cellular immune response in mice induced swine fever virus E2 protein fused to the porcine CD154 antigen

Immunogenicity of E2CD154 Subunit Vaccine Candidate against Classical Swine Fever in Piglets with Different Levels

Novel chimeric E2CD154 subunit vaccine is safe and confers long lasting protection against classical swine fever virus

Oral administration of the growth hormone secretagogue-6 (GHRP-6) enhances growth and non-specific immune responses in Porvac®

 Subunit Vaccine E2‐CD154 Induces Remarkable Rapid Protection Against Classical Swine Fever Virus

Significant improvement of shrimp growth performance by growth hormone-releasing peptide-6

Two initial vaccinations with the Bm86-based Gavacplus vaccine against Rhipicephalus

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